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Our objective to provide a safe environment, where we can easily communicate, and share information and media without it being publicly available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The OYIS Community Portal is a place where OYIS parents and staff can find out information about the school, like a staff Directory, the school policies, campus services, and much more.
It is also an archive of events, info sessions, and other media, that is private to the community.

Using the process above, you must enter your relevant information, and what your role is in the community eg. a parent or staff member.

If you can't login you either need to sign up above or reset your password.

We require a minimum use of 6 characters as a way to provide security. 

We have security features that will block you if you after 3 login attempts, or if you are using an unsafe internet connection, or are a bot. 

We collect the following data. It is used to verify you are part of the community, process orders, and applications.

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Cell number
  • Student's names
  • Home address (specifically for billing and payments)
  • Community role

All the data, is secured on serves hosted in Japan.

This site is private and all data, and media is not searchable. You can not share content outside our community.